Sunday, September 9, 2007


Here are a few more pictures from the Tetons. This is a wonderful place to visit - much can be seen. The hiking is amazing as well as the views you can get from the car from all those neat pull outs on the road.

Sunrise from the Snake River Lookout - famous for the 1942 Ansel Adams photo that can be seen here. This is roughly the same location (we were a bit further back), different time of day & year, and most importantly, 65 years of tree growth. Oh, and Mr Adams is a photography legend....

This is another famous, highly photographed location in the park. This is a barn that was built in 1919 by Mormon settlers and is on "Mormon Row."

A nice reflection of the Tetons at Schwabacher Landing - looking across a pond formed by a beaver damn. (No beavers were spotted.)

We found this cool old abandoned log cabin with an amazing view

Buffalo with a view. This was our best viewing of a buffalo. They are all over the place and even stop traffic!

Mr. Moose. He was pretty close to the road and had his own dedicated park ranger to guide traffic and provide him ample protection. Laurence had an older guy attempting to buy his camera while watching the moose. No sale.

Laurence scouting the scene for the first picture in this post the afternoon before it was taken. Yes, Jennifer did take this picture.

Jennifer enjoying herself on our alpine hike

Mount Rushmore

Badlands in South Dakota

South Dakota Prarie Dog

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