Monday, April 30, 2012

Grand Canyon - Day 2

Day 2 was another beautiful day.  Turns out this weekend was Free National Park Day - what a bonus!

GrandCanyonDay2 (1 of 7)
Very early sunrise light at Moran Point

GrandCanyonDay2 (2 of 7)
Later in the sunrise cycle - the colors kept changing every few minutes!

GrandCanyonDay2 (3 of 7)
The sun had been up a few minutes - love the layers of rock

GrandCanyonDay2 (4 of 7)
Partial moon on the drive north to Page, Arizona

GrandCanyonDay2 (5 of 7)
Horseshoe Bend outside of Page.  It was around 3PM - basically the worst light.  We'll come back in better light, we promise!

GrandCanyonDay2 (7 of 7)
Here's Jennifer saying goodbye on Day 2 - and designed to freak our parents out!  It's a 1,000 foot drop straight down.....

We lived to post the blog, and to head out to hike "The Wave" tomorrow!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grand Canyon - Day 1

We are in the American Southwest for 10 days.  We flew into Phoenix from Seattle, and drove up to the Grand Canyon.  Here are some pics from our first evening and first full day:

GrandCanyonDay1 (1 of 7)
Welcome to the Grand Canyon!

GrandCanyonDay1 (2 of 7)
The view from part way down the Bright Angel trail

GrandCanyonDay1 (3 of 7)
Jennifer posing on the Bright Angel Trail

GrandCanyonDay1 (5 of 7)
Early stages of sunset at Moran Point

GrandCanyonDay1 (4 of 7)
Self portrait - you should see the blooper reel with Laurence fighting with the self timer!

GrandCanyonDay1 (6 of 7)
More from Moran Point

GrandCanyonDay1 (7 of 7)
The sun sets on Day 1 (awwww)

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