Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Botswana in Black & White

As we continue to work on gathering the photos and writing the text for our official Botswana post - we thought we'd share a few more photos of animals from the trip. These have all been converted to black & white, and are inspired by the amazing work Andy Biggs is doing with B&W African wildlife photography. You can check out what Andy's up to at his website,

B&W Lion

B&W Ele

B&W Ant

B&W Buffalo

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Botswana Preview

We are currently in Port Douglas, Australia - just off the Great Barrier Reef. While we are enjoying the beautiful warm weather - we thought we'd give a preview of some photos from our amazing trip to Botswana. More photos with descriptions to follow down the road.
Late morning siesta

"Fragile Moment" -misty Botswana sunrise

The flood plains of the Okavango Delta constantly change. This area experienced an extended period of time underwater, killing the tree in this photo. The water path changed again, and now it is full of lush grass

Okavango Delta Reflection

We had a great boat ride up the Okavango Delta. We stopped for a while watching a group of lions in the grass (see photo below) - to see if they would swim across the water. The lions were patient - and we ran out of time, so we had to head back to the dock at full speed. The water was glass (Laurence asked Jennifer if she wanted to wakeboard - but she declined due to the crocks and lions). Laurence hung out over the front of the boat for this reflection picture.

Watch where you walk

One little monkey (0kay, technically a baboon), sitting in a tree....

More to come later - we promise!

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