Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 7 - Monument Valley

We enjoyed a nice sunset in Monument Valley, followed by a full-moon starlight show of the mittens.  We've made our way down to Sedona - here are a few pics from MV.

Mittens at night

Left Mitten at night

Full (nearly) moon rising over Monument Valley

Sunset at MV

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 6 - Extra Photos

This morning we drove from Page to Monument Valley.  We stayed at Canyon Colors Bed and Breakfast in Page for 4 nights, and it was the best Bed and Breakfast experience we've had.  If you find yourself planning a trip, look up Bev and Rich and be sure to book in advance, as they are very busy (for good reason).

We'll hope for good photo conditions for sunset and sunrise tomorrow here in Monument Valley, and will give some nighttime photos over the valley a try tonight.

In the meantime, here are a few "extra" photos from the past few days

Horseshoe Bend Sunet

Lower Antelope Canyon

Monument Valley

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Antelope Canyons

Today we walked through Upper Antelope Canyon in the morning on a tour, and while it was udder madness with the number of people in such a small area, we were told this was very much still the low season - can't even imagine July & August in there.  Regardless, it's an experience we would heartily recommend everyone enjoy (once).  It is truly beautiful - hence the reason for so very many people.

Lower Antelope Canyon was much more laid back, dramatically fewer people, and much longer.  The result was a more pleasant experience.

On to the pics

Day5-Antelope (1 of 9)
Looking straight up in Upper Antelope

Day5-Antelope (2 of 9)
Upper Antelope is famous for light beams

Day5-Antelope (3 of 9)
A sand-fall in in Upper - They occur naturally when it's windy above the canyon.  This was simulated from the guide throwing sand up on the ledge.

Day5-Antelope (4 of 9)
A rare moment in Upper Antelope without anyone in view

Day5-Antelope (5 of 9)
We went out to Lower Antelope in the afternoon after having lunch.  A very different set of colors.

Day5-Antelope (6 of 9)
Jennifer in a brighter area of Lower

Day5-Antelope (7 of 9)
Depending on the angle of light, it ranged from bright yellow, to brown shown here, to rich purple in the shade.

Day5-Antelope (8 of 9)
Here you can see the purple combined with the bright yellow

Day5-Antelope (9 of 9)
Terrific lines and shades

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 4 - Secret Canyon

Shhhhh - it's Secret Canyon today.   It's a limited access slot canyon run by only one company out of Page.  We highly recommend it, we were with another couple, but basically had the entire canyon to ourselves for 3 hours.  Great colors, lines and photo ops!

Day4-SecretCanyon (7 of 9)
Upper Antelope canyon is famous for the light beams, so we were very pleasantly surprised to find a few here

Day4-SecretCanyon (9 of 9)
Navajo Spirit

Day4-SecretCanyon (8 of 9)
And back to a regular light beam

Day4-SecretCanyon (6 of 9)
Great contrasts in colors

Day4-SecretCanyon (5 of 9)
Uh oh - getting artsy

Day4-SecretCanyon (4 of 9)
Fun lines

Day4-SecretCanyon (3 of 9)
Leopard Tail Lizard - she (we are told she is pregnant) didn't ride in the Hummer with us

Day4-SecretCanyon (2 of 9)
Love the light

Day4-SecretCanyon (1 of 9)
It's a tough existence for this bush

Day 3 - The Wave

Today we spent 6 hours hiking to and around The Wave.  It's located right at the Utah/Arizona border, on BLM land.  It's a beautiful, strange place, formed of sandstone.

To keep it preserved, only 20 people per day are allowed access.  10 people are given passes via the web 4 month in advance in a lottery, which is how we got ours.  The other 10 passes are passed out in an in-person lottery the morning before - we spoke to a group that got theirs yesterday, with 90 people crammed in the BLM office!

According to our GPS (highly recommended), we hiked 7 miles, with 3.5 hours of moving, and 2.5 hours of "not moving" (taking pictures, drinking water, eating lunch).  The trail was advertised as "flat", and while there isn't a ton of elevation change, it's hardly flat.  Lots of deep sand & uneven rocks, but it's worth it (just don't go in August when it's 110 degrees...)

Day3-Wave (1 of 9)
A nice spot to stop for a photo partway through the hike

Day3-Wave (2 of 9)
Early in our 2 hours at the wave - the light was constantly changing

Day3-Wave (3 of 9)
Jennifer looking like she's in an ad for Outdoor Magazine

Day3-Wave (4 of 9)
Love the lines

Day3-Wave (5 of 9)
The light is totally different in the shade - deep reds.  You can see how fragile the sandstone is

Day3-Wave (6 of 9)
More lines, and changing colors

Day3-Wave (7 of 9)
Laurence is finally victorious over the self timer....

Day3-Wave (8 of 9)
And feels compelled to express it!

Day3-Wave (9 of 9)
Jennifer demonstrating the patience of a photographer's spouse

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